What to do in Patara


Horse Riding

A romantic way to explore the countryside around Patara and an opportunity to ride along the golden sands of Patara Beach. Both beginner and experienced riders catered for.

River Canoeing

The perfect day for those who enjoy the outdoors. No canoeing experience required to share an exhilarating day in Patara National Park, enjoying the natural wonders of the most unspoilt areas in Turkey.


A great adventure riding along the magnificent long sandy beach at Patara. Whether early morning or at sunset this is an unfortgettable experience. The ride to discover the unspoilt flora and fauna along the banks of the Esen river. From frogs, butterflies and river turtles, there is a plethora of wildlife waiting to be discovered.

Xanthos Antiqe City

Xanthos, for a time, was the capital of Lycia and across the river lies the sanctuary of the Lycian League, Letoon. Xanthos long history was a succession of political and cultural prosperity and major catastrophes. Xanthos is on the list of UNESCO World Cultural Heritage.

Tlos Antiqe City

Tlos is one of the oldest and largest settlements of Lycia and was subsequently inhabited by Romans, Byzantines and eventually Ottoman Turks, making it one of few Lycian cities to be continually inhabited up until the 19th century. The site lies on the east side of the Xanthos valley atop an rocky outcrop that slopes up from a plateau from a modern village, but ends on the west, north and northeast in almost perpendicular cliff.

Saklıkent Gorge

Saklıkent, which means the hidden city, is an impressive, steep gorge cut into the Toros at the end of which there is supposed to be a forgotten city. Entering one has to wade through ice old water which becomes a fast flowing river during the rainy season. The mud in the canyon is supposed to be healthy for skin and body. There are a few restaurants built over little ponds, inviting one to relax and dine. Jeep safari trips and shuttle bus are available in Patara village.

Kekova Sunken City

The picturesque little village of Üçağız is the point of departure for boat trips or sea kayaking tours. Both here great ways to see more of the Lycian past and enjoy swimming in the turquoise sea. Kale Köy is a steep rock with charming little houses insterspersed by rock graves and crowned by a castle. Across from Kale lie remains of a sunken city. It sank supposedly by the two same earth quakes that shook Lycia in 141 and 240 A.D.

Mountain Village; İslamlar

North of Kalkan high up in the Toros Mountains some villages are tucked away under pine trees and grapes. The cold and clear mountain water is also collected is reservoirs to cultivate trout, a delicous dish to be had up here. The view from the simple restaurants down to the sea is breathtaking.

Gömbe and Green Lake

The drive to Gömbe takes you up into the Toros Mountains, away from the Med and to a different climatic zone with hot summers but cool nights and cold winters. The narrow roads lead through little villages, mountain pastures, and over high plateaus with breathtaking views over lush green forest and the famous cedar woods. The Green Lake, named for its green water, is worth a foot march and for a moment one feels at its shored that one might be on the moon.


Kalkan is a picturesque little town West of Kaş with a little harbour and lots of nice hotels. The restoration of the old Greek houses in the centre part is well advanced and beautifully done. It has developed very fast into a favourite location for summer houses which has changed its old character. Kalkan is full of restaurants, shops, bars and small hotels, a very lively place during the summer. 15 min. bus drive from Patara.


Kaş itself is a quiet pleasant town with its blue sea and narrow streets scented with jasmine flowers. There are plenty of little guest houses, quiet cafes serving home cooking, or small bars to have fun. Kaş is one of the leading spots for scuba diving in Turkey. Every Friday there is local market held in Kaş. There are buses to Kaş every hour from Patara village.

Meis (Castellorizo)

Across from Kaş lies the small historic and pretty Greek island Castellorizo (Meis). Kaş cultivates close relations with the Greek Neighbours. Daily boat trips are offered from both sides. The only Lycian rock grave in Europe can be found in Meis. Most of the old houses have been restored by now and there is the castle, some churches, and a museum to visit.